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The Walronds

Early 17th century Grade I Listed town house. 

Major beams had rotted from the walls; walls and chimneys were failing through water ingestion, cob was failing as a result of cementitious renders and the slate roof was in urgent need of replacement. Some of the interior features and finishes had collapsed or were about to. 

The house now has a triple-lapped roof of Trevillet slate, 90 tonnes of lime render on its walls, four and a half kilometres of MICC cable, and a completely new plumbing and heating system. Almost every lintel, major beam, rafter and purlin has had stainless steel flitches let into it. Every window frame has been remade and ancient glass and catches reinstated. Historic timber has been preserved with splicing in of seasoned oak; patina has been retained. The decorated plasterwork has been restored and the hall overmantel is now secure. Entrances, pathways and garden walls have been made good.

Lets for the first floor will fund future maintenance. The ground floor of the house is fitted out for community use. The legacy is more than architectural, it is a resurrected building for learning, recreation and the arts for Cullompton and all its people.

The Charterhouse

The Charterhouse,  Coventry is a14th century Carthusian monastery, one of only two carthusian monasteries left with significant remains in the UK.  Our work here involved complete renovation of the garden walls and emergency chimney repairs on the Grade 1 listed property.

The building has a facinating history and incorporates remains from the charterhouse of St Anne, the foundation stone for which was laid in 1385 by King Richard II. It contains additions from the 15th and 16th centuries, as well as several wall paintings dating to the same era. Some of the original window tracery still survives. The Coach House and Medieval Precinct Wall to the Charterhouse form a group of listed buildings.

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